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June 2 Seminar: Adrian Favell

UCLA Associate Professor, Adrian Favell will discuss a chapter from his current work in progress, "Eurostars and Eurocities: The Dream Life of a Global Superman."


Eurostars and Eurocities will offer the first systematic sociological study in English of the free moving new Europeans, the Eurostars, as I call them. Setting out the broader issues at stake in studying the professional and spatial mobility of West Europeans – who face none of the formal barriers or obvious exclusions that still restrict East Europeans, as well as non-Europeans – it homes in on the lives and experiences of various individuals and families in three classic Eurocities: Amsterdam, London and Brussels. It traces the mobility choices, everyday lives, social networks, and settlement strategies of the many young (and not so young) Irish, British, German, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish residents – working in multinational corporations, finance, IT, law, lobbying, telecommunications, journalism, architecture, social work and science research in the three cities.


UCLA International Institute