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Call for Papers, Special Issue on Chinese

The Heritage Language Journal announces a special issue on Chinese Heritage Language Teaching (CHL). The issue seeks contributions that cover all aspects of the teaching of Chinese as a heritage language.

The contents should include, but not limited to: 

  • Overviews of the state of the art in CHL;
  • Theories of language acquisition and their relevance to CHL;
  • CHL pedagogy;
  • Socio-cultural factors in CHL; 
  • Technology and CHL;
  • General principles and case studies in CHL;
  • Issues in CHL teacher training;
  • CHL student needs, motivations, and feedback, and their role in improving CHL teaching;

Submission procedures

Interested authors should send an email message for this issue to the guest editor who is:

Hongyin Tao
Department of Asian Languages and Cultures

before the end of November 30, 2004 outlining the paper proposal and the status of the research (e.g., a done paper, a paper in progress, a conference paper to be written up in publishable format, or simply some ideas to be explored)

  • The guest editor will contact authors for more information about  proposals and may confirm the acceptance of the proposal;
  • A preliminary draft in electronic format should  reach the guest editor by April 15, 2005; suggestions for revisions (if any) will be sent to the author thereafter;
  • A final version, again in electronic format, should reach the guest editor by July 15, 2005.



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