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Departmental Scholar Program

In Latin American Studies

Exceptionally promising undergraduate students may apply as a Graduate Student and be nominated as Departmental Scholars to pursue bachelor's and master's degree programs simultaneously. Students apply to the Graduate program in their senior year and submit a statement of purpose, 3 letters of recommendation and transcripts by December 15th for consideration for Fall of the following academic year.


To participate in the Latin American Studies BA and MA departmental scholars program, students must have fulfilled the following prerequisites:

  • GPA for all upper divisions coursework for the LAS major must be at least 3.60
  • Must have completed at least one year of residence at UCLA
  • Must be a member of the Letters & Science College Honors Program (A-311 Murphy Hall, 825-1553,

For further information on the Latin American Studies Departmental Scholar program, please contact an academic counselor

For general information on becoming a Departmental Scholar, please contact College Honors.

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