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Emory University:Tibetan studies in Dharamsala, India

Emory University

Academic Focus:
The study abroad program in Dharamsala, India focuses on the study of Tibetan language, philosophy, culture, and civilization. In addition, individual research projects are an important component of the program.

Program Information:
Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas and home to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dharamsala is the seat of the Central Tibetan Administration and the cultural and intellectual capital of the Tibetan exile community. This program integrates academic study, traditional Buddhist pedagogy, immersion in the Tibetan community, field research, and guided explorations of contemplative practice.

Approximate Dates:
Spring: mid January - late May

Application Deadline:
October 15 for Spring

Eligibility Requirements:
A minimum 3.0 GPA, following at least 3 semesters of college-level work and enrollment at an accredited institution the semester prior to the study abroad semester. No language requirement. Students must meet with Dr. Tara Doyle as part of the application process.

After a two-day orientation at Emory University, students will fly to Delhi as a group. The group will then proceed to the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics (Sarah Campus) for six weeks of intensive language instruction, lectures on Tibetan culture, and excursions to nearby sites. Students will also have the opportunity to live with Tibetan students for a two-week period. The group will then move to a Tibetan guesthouse in Mcleod Ganj ("Upper Dharamsala") for nine weeks of language and coursework at the main campus of the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics (IBD). During this time, students will have the opportunity to witness the Great Prayer Festival (Monlam) and teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Other special events include weekly field trips, guest speakers, and performing arts events. During the last four weeks of the program, students will be engaged in independent research projects in Tibetan Studies.
TENTATIVE Spring 2004 schedule.

Tibetan Culture and Civilization; Tibetan Buddhism: Philosophy and Practice; Introduction to Tibetan Language; Independent Research and Sample Research Proposal: Selected Topics (total 16 credit hours). This unique combination of theory, practice, and immersion will provide students with an excellent opportunity to explore the cultural, educational, political, historical, and religious dimensions of the Tibetan world.

Living Arrangements:
While both at the IBD Sarah campus and the Tibetan guesthouse, students will live in furnished double rooms with common baths. In general, breakfast and either lunch or dinner will be provided, with stipends given for the third meal. During the research period, stipends will be provided for travel, food, lodging, and research assistance.

Students pay regular Emory tuition* and a Program Fee* which includes room, board, and airfare. The Spring 2004 Program Fee was $3000; for Spring 2005, students should expect an increase of at least 3-5% due to the rising cost of living and changes in foreign currency exchange rates. (Check the CIPA website for updated information.) An estimated $500-$1000 will be needed for living expenses and local travel. Financial aid is available for eligible Emory students as well as Emory and non-Emory scholarships and grants. The non-refundable $300 application deposit will be applied toward program tuition. *All costs are subject to change.

Application Checklist:
1) Fill out Emory Study Abroad Application or Visiting Student Application for Non-Emory Students, 2) Fill out Secondary application for Tibetan Studies which includes: a) Tibetan Language Statement, b) Research Proposal, c) 2 letters of recommendation, d) Transcript. ALL FORMS MUST BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO CIPA BY THE STATED DEADLINE.

Faculty Contact:
Dr. Tara Doyle, Religion/Asian Studies
Tel: 404-727-9416,

CIPA Contact: to make an appointment, please call 404-727-2240
Kristi Hubbard, Study Abroad Advisor
Tel: 404-727-2240,


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