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Intensive Chinese Language Summer Program

Hopkins-Nanjing Center(HNC) and CET Academic Program

Hopkins-Nanjing Center(HNC) and CET Academic Program

Intensive Chinese Language Summer Program:
The program, Nanjing Immersion, offers a unique curriculum in a setting unlike any other on the Chinese mainland. Selected from a national pool of applicants, Chinese instructors come to HNC from a number of outstanding Chinese language programs, including CET's. They bring their experience to HNC tradition of academic excellence. Students live and eat with faculty at the Center, where they enjoy HNC unparalleled living and studying conditions. With an intense pace and an emphasis on in situ learning, classes include one-on-one tutorials, drill sessions, and practica. Further adding to the program intensity is a Chinese-only language pledge, maintained by students and faculty for the entire six weeks. Designed for graduates, professionals, and serious undergraduates, the six-week program requires a minimum of three semesters of college level Chinese or the equivalent.

Application deadline:
March 1, 2004

For more information, visit

CET Academic Programs
1000 16th Street, NW, Suite 350
Washington, DC 20036
(800) 255-4262 or (202) 530-0800

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