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Tuttle Language Grant

Tuttle Language Grant


The Tuttle Langauge Grant is intended to assist authors in completing work on dictionaries, textbooks, and other instructional materials that will aid in the study of Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Tagalong, Thai, Vietnamese, and other languages of East and Southeast Asia. Awarded in memory of Charles E. Tuttle (1915-1993), this $10,000 grant continues Tuttle's legacy of forging stronger ties between East and West. The grant is awarded to scholarly authors who exhibit exellence in the creation of an individual project in the area of East and Southeast Asian languages.


Tuttle Publishing retains the option to offer a publishing contract to each grant recipient. For this reason, only projects that have not yet been published, or contracted for publication, are eligible. Works that demonstrate substantial progress will generally be favored over projects not yet underway.


$10,000 grant. The Tuttle Language Grant award may be awarded to one work, or divided between two or more works depending on the merits of the proposals received.


December 1, 2000

Application and for more information

Please contact:
Language Grant Coordinator
Tuttle Publishing
153 Milk Street 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02109-4080
Fax: (617) 951-4045

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