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Gustave O. Arlt Award

Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), Florida State University

Program Summary

The CGS Advisory Committee for the Gustave O. Arlt Award in the Humanities requests nominations for the 2005 competition in the field of World Language and Literature, Comparative Literature, Drama/Theater Arts. Gustave O. Arlt (1895-1986) was the first president of the Council of Graduate Schools, former faculty member and Dean of the Graduate School at UCLA, and a scholar of German language and literature. In 1971 he established the award that bears his name to provide recognition, each year, to a young scholar who has written a book that represents an outstanding contribution to scholarship in the humanities. To be eligible for competition, the nominee must meet the criteria stated below. There can be only one nominee from each institution, and nominations are to be submitted by the office of the graduate dean or equivalent institutional officer. In addition the Committee requests that the nomination be made on the nomination form (161.3KB PDF) and that the nominator elaborate in a separate letter upon the scholarly contribution made by the nominee's book. Three copies of the book must accompany a nomination. The nominated books will not be returned.


  • The recipient must have received the doctorate within seven years of the award, and currently be teaching at a North American university.
  • The recipient must have taken the degree at a North American university.
  • The book being considered must have been published within seven years of the award. The book must have been written in or translated into English.
  • The book must represent an outstanding contribution to scholarship in the field.


The Award, made at the time of the CGS Annual Meeting, carries a stipend of $1,000, a certificate and reasonable travel expenses to attend the annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana from
December 7-10, 2005.


Nominations may be made immediately and will be accepted through April 1, 2005, and must be accompanied by three copies of the work. Books that are still in manuscript on April 1 will not be considered.

Application and for more information

Jeannine Blackwell
Chair of the 2005 Arlt Selection Committee
Dean of the Graduate School
University of Kentucky
355 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY 40506-0027

Please Note:
The field of competition for 2006 will be The Arts (Art History/Criticism/Conservation) and Music. The Arlt Committee has adopted a 7-year cycle in regard to fields of competition.

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