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Asian Biennial Award (ABA)

Asia Pacific Accord of Canada (APAC)

Program Summary:

The purpose of ABA is to encourage writers and scholars to produce high quality works on Asian history, literature, philosophy and culture, in order to promote better mutual understanding among nations and cultural communities in our global age.

Qualification guidelines:

(A) The applicant (author): A North American resident.
(B) The work: Thesis, essays or a book in English successfully defended or published within twenty four months at the time of submission of the application.
(C) Subject: Asian culture, history, philosophy or literature. Length: Over 20,000 words.
(D) Each submission must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation from professors of Asian studies in accredited post-secondary institutions in North America.
(E) Each submission should have the author's CV attached.


The award will be one of C$2000 issued every two years to an author, chosen by a selection panel composed of at least three members, with at least two of the panelists having professional expertise in Asian studies in different disciplines.


The submission deadline is October 31, 2003. The selection result should be announced in April 2004.


For further information, please contact APAC - ABA at 780-423-0455 (phone or fax) or email:, and please visit our web-site:

Asia Institute