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Freda Bage Fellowship

Australian Federation of University Women - Queensland

Program Summary

Australian Federation of University Women (AFUW) QLD has been providing fellowships and scholarships for postgraduate research or study since 1972. Fellowships have been awarded to women graduates from more than ten countries, and have supported studies in a wide range of disciplines, for example: marine biology, architecture, law, literature, radiography, mathematics, social work, archaeology, economics, molecular biology, management, music, information technology, and performing arts. The aim is to assist women with tertiary qualifications to increase their knowledge and broaden their experience through studying or working in a different environment.

The Freda Bage Fellowship is restricted to Ph.D. studies. The Fellowships are for full time study and are tenable at any university or approved institution. If an award is made to an Australian citizen, the Fellowship is also tenable overseas. An award made to a non-Australian citizen is only tenable at an Australian institution.

The fellowship is not tenable at the institution through which the applicant obtained her first degree.


Fellowships are open to women scholars who:

(a) are graduates of a recognized tertiary institution from any country who are intending to take up or continue postgraduate studies at a recognized tertiary institution in Queensland, Australia, or

(b) have graduated at a recognized tertiary institution in Queensland and are intending to take up or continue postgraduate studies at a recognized tertiary institution elsewhere.

Women graduates who will be on full-time salaries; fully paid study or other leave; or Australian Postgraduate Awards or similar scholarships during the tenure of the fellowship, are not eligible to apply.


· restricted to PhD studies;

· studies must commence by September 2006;

· maximum period of the Fellowship is three years;

· stipend is paid twice annually;

· second and subsequent stipend payments are subject to satisfactory progress of the research work, as indicated by receipt of regular progress reports from the Fellowship recipient signed by the supervisor of the research work;

· a final typewritten report is required at completion of the Fellowship, and should include information about any publications arising from the funded study.


$60,990. The value of the fellowship is equivalent to an Australian Postgraduate Award plus 10 percent ($20,330 in 2004). The number awarded each year depends on the funds available. In 2003 for 2004, one three-year and five one-year fellowships were offered.


Applications for study in 2006 are due on the 30 June, 2005


1. Application on the Standard Application Form in English.

2. Certified copies of transcripts of your academic records. (Originals are not required, as they cannot be returned)

3. A brief Curriculum Vitae, which must not exceed 6 pages, but may include comments on your achievements, interests and aspirations considered relevant to your application.

4. A clear outline of the study program/course for which support is required. This must not exceed one page in length and must include:

· objectives of the study

· a brief outline of the project if appropriate

· relevance of the study program/course to your career development

· how the funding will be used.

5. A copy of written confirmation from the University or Institution that offers provisional or final acceptance of your study program. If confirmation is unavailable, please supply explanation and/or details of progress of any application to date. An award cannot be given until arrangements for affiliation with an institution have been concluded and documented.

6. Reports from two (2) nominated referees are also required.

Applicants must contact referees and request them to send 2 copies of their report, on the Referee's Report Form, directly to the address supplied on the form, to arrive no later than June 30, 2005.
Please photocopy the enclosed form for referees.

Applications are not considered complete until Referee's Reports are received.

Students should contact the program directly at the address below for further information.

The Administrator
AFUW-Qld Fellowships,
Private Box 8/217
Hawken Drive, ST LUCIA QLD 4067

Asia Institute