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Grants for Language Study

University of Chicago South Asia Language Resource Center (SALRC)


Program Summary:

The South Asia Language Resource Center seeks to support projects to develop a broad variety of curricular materials for South Asian languages at all levels of university instruction. SALRC grants are intended to meet national (and often international) needs for the teaching and learning of South Asian languages. A proposal should demonstrate Enot merely assert Ethe need for the project by critically reviewing existing materials and by suggesting how the project will meet that need. In addition, proposals must be integrated with other existing materials in order to meet the goal of having an overall system of linked materials.


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Allowable costs include release time and benefits, professional fees for consultants and reviewers, technical and clerical staff including graduate student support, travel (if crucial to the success of the project), reasonable materials, and, in very special cases, equipment. After the completion of the project any equipment will remain the property of the relevant department or program in South Asian languages or studies and in no case be the property of the project director. Salary for tenured faculty members will ordinarily not be granted.


Pre-proposal - 9/1/2004; Post-proposal - 11/1/2004


PRE-PROPOSAL PROCESS: By 901/2004, a summary pre-proposal and budget should be submitted as e-mail attachments only to: Prof. Harold Schiffman, Director, Pedagogical Materials Project

Pre-proposals will only be accepted on SALRC forms downloadable from our website below.

If your proposal is selected to go forward to the final competitive stage, you will have the opportunity to alter both the content of the proposal as well as the budget.

Proposals that are selected for the final selection round will be announced by 10/1/2004.

Those proposals that have not been chosen in this round will also be notified by 10/1/2004


If your pre-proposal is accepted, appropriate forms will be sent to you with your notice of selection. The full proposal will be due on December 1, 2004.

It is the applicant' obligation to assure that the full proposal is readable on Windows or Macintosh platforms. Please provide any fonts required to read the proposal.

Your proposal will be reviewed by experts in the field and, in most cases, by experts in the application of technology to language teaching and learning. The proposal should include detail on the nature of the materials, the approach, the plan of work including a timeline, plan for dissemination and the budget.

Note that since the goal of the SALRC is to construct a primarily web-based system, materials in the form of a print-version book, a CD, or other electronic form must include a way to integrate your project with the overall SALRC web-based system. The technological aspect of the project should include details on file formats, applications, servers, backup costs, and anything else that a specialist reviewer would wish to consider. The pedagogical and linguistic approaches should be clearly defined. While it is not required that every project be collaborative, in the sense that individuals from more than one institution are working together on that project, the proposal should provide evidence that colleagues in other programs support the project and intend to use the materials. Collaborative projects are however highly favored under the SALRC system, since materials that have been prepared collaboratively tend to receive wider use.


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