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Language and Area Studies Fellowships for Southeast Asia



FLAS fellowships are designed to support graduate students who are studying Southeast Asia and who will be enrolled in classes of any of the four Southeast Asian languages taught at UCLA: Filipino, Indonesian, Thai or Vietnamese.  Applications are available from the UCLA Graduate Division. 


Graduate students are eligible for the fellowship if he or she is a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.; are accepted for graduate training in Southeast Asian languages or related area studies at UCLA; agree to pursue serious language study for the duration of the award, and to write quarterly progress reports as well as a final report.


The academic year award consists of a $14,500 stipend plus tuition and fees which are usually (although not always) paid by the student's department. These grants may be combined with supplementary funding from other funding agencies.  However in cases of parallel large grants (multiple quarter TA-ships, etc.), recipients will have to decide which grant to accept and pairing will not be allowed. Grantees are required to inform the Center of any awards (apart from graduate student fee waivers) received during the award period.

Summer stipends are $2,400, plus tuition to a maximum grant of $3,600. Most summer study funded by FLAS must be done at the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Students should apply to them directly at


March 9, 2006

Criteria for Selection

-- Academic performance and potential as evidenced by GRE scores, GPA, class and department ranking, three letters of recommendation (including a language reference), and statement of purpose.
-- The extent to which overall course of study focuses on Southeast Asian studies.
-- The extent to which the immediate study plan includes appropriate language training through formal study.

Southeast Asian languages approved for these awards include Filipino, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese. Preference is given for language study where letter grades are earned.

The level of planned language study is considered. More advanced levels are preferred, although first-year study is permissible. FLAS awards are not intended for native speakers of the target language. Summer language study is usually pursued at the Southeast East Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI) in Madison, Wisconsin.

Additional information:

Academic year fellowships are awarded for nine months. Past awardees may reapply but in no case will students be granted more than four academic years of FLAS support.

Awards may be used for dissertation research as follows: a) Twelve months overseas and/or nine months in the United States under FLAS for dissertation completion, or b) A maximum of 18 months in the United States for dissertation research.

Each awardee must enroll in regularly offered language or reading courses for the duration of the award. Directed reading courses in the language are accepted for advanced students. Awardees are required to provide a written report on their studies at the end of each quarter and to complete a performance report in May.

Department Nominations: Each department or school may nominate students for Southeast Asian FLAS fellowships.  Departments submit a file for each nominee. These files should include: a cover letter with the unit's ranking of its nominees, as well as copies of the standard graduate fellowship application form, the nominee's curriculum vita, the nominee's statement of purpose (which should include a proposed budget in the case of non-UCLA study), three letters of recommendation, GRE scores, transcripts, and (in the case of incoming students) admissions/enrollment status.

For complete guideline and application information please contact:

UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies Fellowships Coordinator, Barbara Gaerlan
11364 Bunche Hall Los Angeles,
CA 90095-1487
Phone: (310) 206-9163

Asia Institute