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UC President's Research Fellowships

University of California

The President's Research Fellowships in the Humanities (PRFH) constitute a significant element in a four-part initiative to encourage faculty research in the Humanities throughout the University of California. The Fellowships are intended to increase the support for research available to individual faculty members in the Humanities by providing a new source of funds and, where appropriate, augmenting funds from extramural agencies and campus grants. The PRFH provide salary support to University of California faculty conducting research in the Humanities. Fellowships are awarded on the basis of research proposals in an annual University-wide competition modeled on that of the NEH. The Fellowships are underwritten by an annual grant from the Office of the President and supplemented by one-third matching funds from the Fellow's campus.

The Fellowship may be used for salary only. The maximum award is $25,000; but the funding received from all sources may not be greater than the Fellow's salary in the award period in which the Fellowship is used. Sabbatical leave credit may contribute toward the Fellow's salary during the period of the award, but not toward the campus's one-third matching contribution. Campus administration will assist in developing a package. This package must be approved by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research in the Office of the President.

Active ladder rank faculty, including lecturers who are members of the Academic Senate, may apply for Fellowships. Faculty on emeritus or recall status are not eligible. Faculty may hold a Fellowship once every five years. In order to improve opportunities for faculty members to receive support for Humanities research early in their academic careers, Assistant Professors applying for President's Research Fellowships will be given special consideration.

October 11, 2002. Recipients of President's Research Fellowships in the Humanities will be notified by the end of February 2003.

Application and for more information
Applications consist of (1) a completed application form, (2) copies of the cover pages of applications for extramural support (if applicable), (3) an abstract of the research proposal, (4) a description of the proposed research, (5) a bibliography of the most important works to be consulted, (6) a curriculum vitae, and (7) three letters of reference submitted directly to the President's Research Fellowships in the Humanities program by referees of the applicant's choice. Mail to:

President's Research Fellowships in the Humanities
University of California, Office of the President
1111 Franklin Street, 11th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607-5200
Phone (510) 987-9472

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