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Dissertation Fellowships

U.S. Army Center of Military History


The Center offers two Dissertation Fellowships each year. Fellows are required to visit the Center at the beginning and end of their fellowship period. On the first visit, the Fellow meets the Chief of Military History, the Chief Historian, and the Executive Secretary of the Dissertation Fellowship Program and is consulted on ways in which the Center can aid him or her. On the second, visit, the Fellow presents, in an appropriate form and forum, an oral report on his/her work in progress. The Fellow also prepares a brief written report at the conclusion of his or her fellowship year. The Center requires deposit in its library of one copy of the complete dissertation.


* Applicants who wish to become Fellows must be civilian citizens of the U.S.
* Applicants must have completed by September all requirements for the Ph.D. degree, except for the dissertation.
* Any student who has held or accepted an equivalent fellowship from any other Department of Defense agency is not eligible for these awards.
* Individuals who accept a Center of Military History fellowship may not accept a fellowship from any other institution for a period concurrent with the Center's fellowship.


The stipend of $9,000 for the fellowships is provided in one payment at the start of the academic year. From this sum, the recipient must meet travel, typing, and all other expenses in connection with the fellowships. The payment of the stipend is made directly to the Fellow upon receipt of certification form the parent academic institution that he or she is a candidate for the Ph.D. degree and is authorized to become a Visiting Research Fellow.


January 15, 2002- Application and all supporting documents must be postmarked no later than this date. None are accepted when mailed after this date.

Application and for more information
Applicants must demonstrate their professional potential by submitting the following:
1) an official graduate transcript;
2) a proposed plan of research;
3) a letter of recommendation from their academic director that includes a statement approving the dissertation topic;
4) two other letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to their qualifications for the fellowship; and
5) a writing sample (10-25 pages).

Applications may be obtained from:

Executive Secretary, Dissertation Fellowship Committee
U.S. Army Center of Military History Bldg. 35
103 3d Ave. Fort McNair
Washington, D.C 20319-5058.
Phone: (202) 685-2278/2709
Fax: (202) 685-2077

Applications can also be downloaded from the Center's web site: or

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