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Michigan Society of Fellows: Postdoctoral Fellowships

Michigan Society of Fellows


The Michigan Society of Fellows was founded in 1970 through grants from the Ford Foundation and Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies for the purpose of promoting academic and creative excellence. The most distinctive aspect of the Society is a multidisciplinary emphasis which gives the Fellows an opportunity to interact across disciplines and to expand their horizons and knowledge. While their own scholarship is enriched, the Fellows also enrich the University of Michigan through teaching during their residency and bringing new insights to other faculty members. Each year the Society selects four outstanding applicants for appointment to three-year fellowships in the arts and humanities, in the social, physical and life sciences, and in the professional schools. The newly appointed Postdoctoral Fellows join a unique interdisciplinary community composed of their peers as well as Senior Fellows. Fellows are appointed as Assistant Professors or Research Scientists in appropriate departments and as Postdoctoral Scholars in the Michigan Society of Fellows for three years. They are expected to teach the equivalent of one academic year, i.e., a total of two terms during the fellowship tenure. This appointment is not tenure-track and is equivalent to one year of service. Fellows are expected to be in residence in Ann Arbor for the academic years of appointment (September - May) and to participate in the activities of the Society of Fellows. Off-campus research leave during academic terms will be permitted only in rare cases, only for brief periods of time, and only upon written application to the Chair of the Society well in advance of the proposed leave. Any leave granted will count as part of the fellowship tenure. Fellows are encouraged to seek support from external agencies if it appears that their scholarly and creative work will be enhanced by such grants.


The Michigan Society of Fellows invites applications from qualified candidates who are at the beginning of their academic careers, having received the Ph.D. or comparable professional or artistic degree between June 1, 1999, and September 1, 2002.


The annual stipend for Fellows will be $42,000. The annual appointment period is an academic calendar year, September 1 - May 31. Fellows will also be eligible for participation in the University health and life insurance options and programs for dental insurance.

Each Fellow will have a three-year appointment as Assistant Professor in an affiliated department of the University and a three-year appointment as Postdoctoral Scholar in the Society of Fellows. The department will provide one-third of the total stipend, the Society the remaining two-thirds.


October 5, 2001 - applications must be postmarked by this date. (October 12, 2001 - recommendation letters must be sent by this date.)

Application and for more information

Please note that an application fee of $30.00 is required.

Please collate the following in order:
1. Completed cover form
2. $30 application fee - attach (do not staple) the non-refundable $30 fee (personal check, money order, or cashier's check) payable to the University of Michigan
3. Current curriculum vitae
4. Short (no more than one page, single spaced) description of your background, teaching interests, and a brief summary of your proposed research. If you are currently a doctoral candidate, please indicate the anticipated schedule of completion of your thesis
5. A research proposal or artistic plan for the fellowship tenure. This proposal should outline the methods and aims of research beyond your thesis or other work on the subject. Please keep in mind that your project proposal will be read by non-specialists, as well as specialists in the field. Proposals that involve more than one discipline are especially welcome. Most previous proposals have been from 1-6 pages in length
6. Completed work sample form and selected work samples including offprints, tape recordings, or collection of slides. Candidates must limit the number of work samples (two or three) and length of papers. Do not send a copy of your dissertation, but you may send the introduction or short chapter.
7. Completed recommendation receipt list.

Four letters of recommendation are also needed mailed or faxed.

For complete guideline and application information please contact:

Michigan Society of Fellows
University of Michigan
3030 Rackham Building
915 E. Washington Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1070
(734) 763-1259

Students are encouraged to contact the program directly at the above address and number or visit 1252 Murphy Hall, UCLA for further information

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