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Humanities Research Institute, UC Postdoctoral Fellowships

Humanities Research Institute

Program Overview

The UC Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) invites proposals for research groups to be in residence at the Institute during the 2006-07 academic year (July 1, 2006, to June 30, 2007). Applications from prospective conveners are now being accepted exclusively online via the UCHRI's FASTAPPS system.

Residential research groups (RRGs) are at the heart of the UCHRI's activities, bringing together key scholars to work in collaboration on interdisciplinary topics of special significance. The UCHRI promotes new and exciting scholarship in the humanities by fostering the kinds of activities that cannot occur within the framework of existing disciplines and institutional structures. The RRGs are composed of UC faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and doctoral students from a range of UC campuses and disciplines, as well as non-UC faculty as resources allow. RRGs are actually teams of researchers who are often unknown to each other before residency, assembled to work on a commonly defined research agenda. An expected outcome of an RRG is the publication of a volume or its equivalent based on research pursued at the UCHRI.

The UCHRI's facilities for participating scholars include private offices with computers having e-mail and Internet access, seminar and conference rooms, a multi-media room, and a reference library. Furnished apartments are provided by the Institute for use by fellows on an as-needed basis during their residencies.

Scholars are chosen through a competitive review process depending on their ability to contribute to the research agenda of the group and to advance scholarship on a given subject in collaboration with others. Collaboration may take many forms. In communicating across disciplines, there are challenges of language, terminology, and methodology for all RRGs. The organizing premise of the residential research program is that, when those challenges are surmounted, breakthroughs in knowledge are possible.


December 15, 2004

Proposal Development

Potential research group organizers are encouraged to contact their campus representative on the UCHRI Advisory Committee, comprising one representative from each UC campus, as early as possible to discuss their ideas and to get comments and advice. Past experience has demonstrated that early consultation is instrumental in developing successful proposals. Proposers may also contact UCHRI Director David Theo Goldberg as a resource in developing proposals.

In addition, prospective research group organizers may attend the UCHRI's annual Proposal Development Workshop, which specifically addresses research group projects and is held each fall in advance of the application deadline.

Note: From time to time the Institute receives inquiries regarding a greater number of RRGs than it can fund. At the time of initial inquiry, potential conveners will be given advice on whether to proceed with the development of a formal proposal. Likewise, because resources are limited, the Advisory Committee occasionally is unable to support proposals that it finds eminently worthy and compelling.

To Apply

The online Application Form must be filled out by the UC faculty member who will serve as the group's Administrative Convener. Administrative Conveners are normally members of the UC Academic Senate. UCHRI policy allows for only one Administrative Convener; however, this does not preclude more than one intellectual leader within the group who may have contributed to developing the proposal.

A complete application includes information such as the convener's name, title of proposed research group, etc., as well as the following uploaded documents: project abstract, biographical abstract, project narrative, and abbreviated curriculum vitae.

Applicants are strongly advised to read the complete Guidelines available UCHRI web site before filling out their application. For additional information or questions about any of the program guidelines, contact the UCHRI by e-mail at

For More Information

UCHRI website:

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