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Summer Fellowships on Information Technology, International Cooperation, and Global Security

Social Science Research Council (SSRC)

Program Summary

The Social Science Research Council is pleased to announce the availability of new summer fellowships for innovative research on information technology (IT), international cooperation, and global security. These in-residence fellowships are designed for researchers who currently work on cooperation and security issues and who want to explore the role and impact of IT in this area; or for researchers who work on IT and want to explore its relationship to cooperation and security.

The goal of the fellowships is to help scholars acquire the intellectual skills necessary to begin building a substantial body of knowledge about IT, and the relationship between IT, cooperation, and security.


There are no citizenship, residency, or national requirements.
* Applicants must be enrolled in a PhD program, and
* Applicants must complete all requirements for the doctoral degree except the dissertation by June 1, 2002.


* These two-month fellowships will begin in the summer of 2002.
* Doctoral-student fellowships are $5,500. These stipends are intended to cover the costs of fellows' meals and housing during their fellowship period, as well as other relevant expenses.
* All fellows must be in residence for their entire fellowship period and attended the eight-day institute.
* The Council will cover the cost of travel to and from the host institution.
* Fellows are required to devote full time to their fellowships.
* Fellows are required to produce a short policy brief at the end of their summer residency.


December 3, 2001 - Applications must be received in the SSRC office by this date.

Application and for more information
The proposal consists of:
* Part I: Research Program
* Part II: Bibliography
* Parts I and II combined should not exceed 9 pages and should be written in English.

Application Materials consist of:
* Application Form
* Personal Information Form
* Reference Forms (3)
* Proposal and Bibliography
* Curriculum Vitae/Resume
* Written Sample
* Transcripts - official transcripts from all colleges, professional schools and universities are required.
* Acknowledgement/Verification of Materials Card

**Applications may be downloaded off the web at: or picked up in 1252 Murphy Hall.


Program on Information Technology, International Cooperation, Global Security
Social Science Research Council
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