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USIA Fulbright, U.S. Graduate Student Grants

USIA Fulbright


USIA Fulbright U.S. Graduate Student Grants will be available to China for the 1999/2000 academic year. The competition will be open to all fields of study for ten-month awards, beginning in late August 1999.


1. Limited to graduating seniors with clearly defined proposals who can work in sometimes difficult academic circumstances with minimal guidance.
2. There is preference for those without dependents.
3. NOT open to those already living in China.
4. A knowledge of Mandarin is required. Candidates should have the equivalent of two years of college-level Chinese. Affiliation with an institution appropriate to the student's research proposal will be requested through the Chinese Scholarship Council, following selection.


The campus deadline for submitting an application is March 5, 1999.

Application and for more information

Telisa Boston, Coordinator
Special & Extramural Fellowships
1252 Murphy Hall

Asia Institute