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Global Scholars 2004-05

The International Institute anounces a new program for incoming doctoral students.

Under a new program launched in 2004, the International Institute is collaborating with UCLA Departments and Schools to offer generous stipends and full payment of tuition and fees for the first two years to incoming doctoral students of exceptional promise who propose to work on issues of interest to the International Institute. Of the seven incoming Global Scholars, four will study in the social sciences, two in the humanities, and one in the School of Theater, Film and Television. Four of the Scholars are non-U.S. citizens; four are women; and five already hold advanced degrees (three MAs, two MSs).

Joshua Comaroff is studying Geography, focusing on the study of urban environments. He holds a B.A. in literary and social theory from Amherst College and Master's degrees in Architecture and Landscape Architecture from Harvard University. He participated in Rem Koolhaas's "Project on the City" at the Harvard Design School and has conducted extensive fieldwork in Lagos, Accra, and Shanghai.

Bryan Green studies Latin American literature in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, emphasizing the dialectical interactions between U.S. and Latin American culture. He holds a B.A. in Iberoamerican Literature from UC San Diego and has studied at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile.

Wesley Hiers studies Sociology, focusing on state formation, political development, and globalization. He holds a B.A. in History from Bowling Green State University (Ohio), an MS in Labor and Industrial Relations from Cornell University, and has taught for several years as a Teach for America recruit in public schools in Washington, D.C. He has done field work in India and has appeared as co-author on six peer-reviewed scholarly publications.

Jaeeun Kim, another Sociologist, holds Bachelor of Law and MA degrees from Seoul National University and ranked seventh among 800,000 examinees in the Korean national scholastic aptitude test for university admission. At UCLA, she is focusing on gender politics and the representation of masculinity and femininity in symbolic political practices.

Sanja Lacan, a U.S. citizen born in Croatia, studies Slavic Languages and Literatures with a focus on Central and East European cultures. As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, she completed a double major in Slavic Languages and Molecular and Cell Biology and worked as a translator of Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian materials for the Boalt Hall Law School Library. She is also fluent in Russian.

Mingjie Sun, a citizen of China, holds a B.S. in Economic Geography and an MS in Human Geography from the University of Nanjing. Since 2001, she has worked on issues of rapid urban development and competitiveness at the Jiangsu Institute of Urban Planning and Design. Studying in the Geography Department at UCLA, she will focus on the integration of econometrics with population and migration analysis.

Jia-Yun Zhuang, also from China, studies in the Theater Department, concentrating on post-colonial, gender, and cross-national studies and on the effects of privatization of the performing arts in China. Her undergraduate studies were at the Central Academy of Dramatic Art in Beijing, where she was trained as a playwright and was the first-ranked student in the Academy in one year and the second-ranked in another. She recently completed an MA in Theatre at Miami University (Ohio).

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