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Islam: Portability and ExportabilityVera Wheeler, Center for European and Eurasian Studies, Jitka Maleckova, Charles University, Prague, and Samy Swayd, SDSU

Islam: Portability and Exportability

Organized by CNES alumnus Samy Swayd (PhD, Islamic Studies, 1993), this course provides a general overview of Muslim diaspora communities in Europe and North America.

April 5, 2004, From Imperial Diasporas to Individual Dispersions: Muslims in Europe. Guest lecturer Jitka Maleckova (Charles University, Prague), “Ottoman Heritage: Turkish Nationalism and Islam”

April 12, 2004, From Migrants to Diasporas: Muslims in America. Guest lecturer Mehdi Bozorgmehr (City University of New York), “Profiling Middle Eastern Americans in the Twenty-first Century”

April 19, 2004, Diaspora Studies: Identity, Diversity and Transnational Communities. Lecturer Samy Swayd (San Diego State University), “Diasporic Identities: Mapping the Future of Muslims in the West”

April 26, 2004, Importing Ideology: Questions of Authenticity. Guest lecturer Isa Blumi (New York University), “Translating Wahhabism in the Balkans: How Albanians Negotiate a Globalized Faith”

May 3, 2004, Deconstructing Diversity, Reconstructing Diaspora. Guest lecturer Larry Michalak (University of California, Berkeley), “Comparing Islam in France and the United States”

May 10, 2004, Perceptions and Misconceptions: Literature and the Media. Guest lecturer Persis Karim (San Jose State University), “Iranians in (Literature and) the Media”

May 17, 2004, Mingling with Modernity: How Much Is Too Much? Guest lecturer Brian Silverstein (UCLA), “Islam and Modernity in Turkey”

May 24, 2004, Reforming Islam, Reaffirming the West. Guest lecturer Peter O’Brien (Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas), “Islam, Liberalism and Xenophobia in Europe”

June 7, 2004, Western Muslims: (Re-)Mapping the 21st Century. Guest lecturer Ursula Spuler-Stegemann (Marburg University, Germany), “Muslims in Europe”

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