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Contributors to Volume 2

Maria Carreira

Maria Carreira is an associate professor of Spanish at California State University, Long Beach, where she teaches courses on Spanish linguistics and Spanish for native speakers. She publishes in the area of heritage languages, Spanish for native speakers and phonology. She was a co-organizer of Heritage Languages in America: A National Conference, held in Long Beach, California in 1999. She is the author of Nexos, (Houghton Mifflin, 2004) an introductory Spanish college textbook. web page

Joan Chevalier

Joan Chevalier is the Russian Language Coordinator at Brandeis University. Her research interests include bilingualism, language in immigration and foreign language pedagogy. web site

Linda Godson

Linda Godson is Visiting Professor in the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department at Portland State University, Portland, OR. She is currently coordinator of their Heritage Language Initiative.

Sonia S’hiri

Sonia S’hiri is a Lecturer in Arabic at UC Berkeley’s Department of Near Eastern Studies.

Ariann Stern

Ariann Stern is the Project Manager and Research Director of the UCLA Language Materials Project and a researcher with the UCLA Language Resource Center.

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