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Irangeles: Iranians in Los Angeles

Irangeles: Iranians in Los Angeles

A collection of essays, photos and interviews with Iranians in Los Angeles on a variety of topics including politics and popular culture, occupations, male-female relationships, and ethnic and religious sub-groups within the new culture.


  • Introduction, by Ron Kelley and Jonathan Friedlander
  • Nationalism and Social Change in Contemporary Iran, by Mehrdad Amanat
  • Chronology of the Pahlavi Era and the Islamic Republic, by Ron Kelley
  • Beyond Nationality: Religio-Ethnic Diversity, by Mehdi Bozorgmehr, Georges Sabagh and Claudia Der-Martirosian
  • Ethnic and Religious Communities from Iran in Los Angeles, by Ron Kelley
  • Iranian Women and Gender Relations in Los Angeles, by Nayereh Tohidi
  • Caught between Two Cultures: Young Iranian Women in Los Angeles, by Shideh Hanassab
  • Wealth and Illusions of Wealth in the Los Angeles Iranian Community, by Ron Kelley
  • Women Entrepreneurs: Three Case Studies of Small Businesses, by Arlene Dallalfar
  • Iranian Protest Demonstrations in Los Angeles, by Ron Kelley
  • Popular Culture of Iranian Exiles in Los Angeles, by Hamid Naficy
  • Irangeles: Photographic Contexts, by Ron Kelley
  • Interviews

Ron Kelley, Editor
Jonathan Friedlander, Associate Editor
University of California Press, 1993
159 black-and-white photographs by Ron Kelley
ISBN: 0-520-08008-4 (cloth), 0-520-08009-1 (paper)

Center for Near Eastern Studies