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Japan Power and Resistance: Contested Interpretations

First Annual Graduate Student Symposium for Japanese Studies, April 16, 1994.

Power and Resistance have become buzz words in academic circles. Academics, however, by no means agree on the meanings of these terms. In what ways can power and resistance be conceptualized? How can we analyze power operating around Japan? To what extent are notions of power and resistance useful in forwarding our understanding of Japanese culture, politics, and history?

Panels Participants
  • Elyssa Faison (UCLA History)
Opening Remarks
  • Professor Fred G. Notehelfer Director, UCLA CJS
Site1: Ideologies of the (Racialized) Nation
  • "The Writings of Oshiro Tatsuhiro: Ryukyuan Culture and Japanese National Identity"
    David L. Bhowmik
    (Univ. of Washington, Asian Languages and Literature)
  • "Sex and Invasion: The Case of the Filipina Comfort Women"
    Rowena Figueroa
    (Stanford University, Center for East Asian Studies)
  • "Six Views of Emperor Showa"
    Angus Lockyer (Stanford University, History)
  • "The Woman's Christian Temperance Union in Japan, 1886-1945"
    Rumi Yasutake (UCLA, History)
  • Discussion Facilitator: Yuki Terazawa (UCLA, History)
  • Faculty Commentator: Professor Masao Miyoshi,UC San Diego, Literature
Site 2: Icons of (Commodified) Resistance
  • "'Female Vengeance' in a Hopeless World: Representations of Takashi Oden"
    Christine Marran
    (University of Washington, Asian Languages and Literature)
  • "False Feminisms: Homosexual Resistance and the 'New Woman' in Current Japanese Cinema"
    Jonathan Mark Hall (UCSC, History of Consciousness)
  • Discussion Facilitator: Kerry Ross (UCLA, EALC)\
  • Faculty Commentator: Professor Yukiko Hanawa, MIT, History
Site 3: Interpretations of (Politicized) Culture
  • "Intellectuals' Response to Censorship: Thoughts on Literature and Politics in Meiji Japan"
    Michele Mason (UCLA, EALC)
  • "Popular music and Power in the Late 1930s Japan"
    Edgar W. Pope (University of Washington, Ethnomusicology)
  • "Power and resistance in the Landscapes of Consumption: Tokyo's Urban Youth Culture"
    Akio Tanaka (University of British Columbia, Geography)
  • Discussion Facilitator: Jason Creigh (UCLA, History)
  • Faculty Commentator: Professor Mariko Tamanoi, UCLA, Anthropology
Concluding Remarks
  • Announcements by 1995 Symposium Steering Committee

Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies