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From the Great Wall to the New World:  China and Latin America in the 21st Century

From the Great Wall to the New World: China and Latin America in the 21st Century

This international workshop is the launch of UCLA Asia Institute's new "Asia and the Global South" initiative.

The UCLA Asia Institute initiative on “Asia and the Global South” highlights the increasing importance of Asian actors in other world regions in the early twenty-first century. The initiative was launched with an international workshop on China’s growing presence in Latin America, in particular new economic relations being forged and the impact these have on politics in both East Asia and the Americas.  The papers from this meeting have now been published as a special issue of The China Quarterly, From the Great Wall to the New World: China and Latin America in the 21st Century, edited by Julia C. Strauss and Ariel C. Armony (The China Quarterly Special Issues No. 11, 2012). 


From the Great Wall to the New World: China and Latin America in the 21st Century

April 14-16, 2011

6275 Bunche Hall, UCLA


Thursday, April 14, 2011

6:30 pm     Keynote Address: José Alfredo Graça Lima (Consul General of Brazil in Los Angeles), Relations between Brazil and China in the 21st Century 


Friday, April 15, 2011

PANEL 1     China and Latin America: Macroscopic Views

Gonzalo Paz (George Washington University), China, the United States and Hegemonic Challenge (HC) in Latin America: An Overview and Some Lessons From Previous Instances of Hegemonic Challenge in the Region

Zhu Hongbo (Fudan: Institute of Latin American Studies), Chinese Policy and Its Relations with Latin America in the 21th Century

Discussant: Ariel Armony


PANEL 2      Resource Extraction and Infrastructure

Jiang Wenran (University of Alberta, Canada), The Dragon’s Reach: Latin America in China’s Quest for Energy Security

Tom Narins (UCLA), What Does Port Infrastructural Development Tell Us about China’s Emergence in Latin America

Ruben Gonzalez-Vicente (Cambridge), Mapping Chinese Mining Investment in Latin America: Politics or Market?

Discussant:  Ching Kwan Lee (UCLA)


PANEL 3        Industrialization, Trade, and Investment

Rhys Jenkins (University of East Anglia), Chinese Competition and Latin American Exports to the United States and the European Union

Alexandre Barbosa (Institute of Brazil Studies, University of Sao Paolo), Is China Bringing a Hollowing Out of the Brazilian Productive Structure

Carol Wise (USC), Playing Both Sides of the Pacific: Latin America’s Free Trade Agreements with China & the US

Enrique Dussel Peters (Universidád National Autonoma de México): The Auto PartsAutomotive Chain in Mexico and China: Cooperation Potential?

Discussants:    Chris Tilly (UCLA) and Ariel Burstein (UCLA)


Saturday, April 16, 2011

PANEL 4      Interests, Strategy, and Migration

Cynthia Watson (National Defense University): Taiwan in Beijing’s Calculations for Latin America: Advancing China’s and the Party’s Interests

Romer Cornejo (Colegio de Mexico), China and Latin America: An Agent-Emphasis Approach for the Study of Their Relations

Adrian Hearn (U of Sydney), The Transparency Horizon: Chinese Communities in Mexico and Cuba

Discussant: R. Bin Wong (UCLA)


PANEL 5      Rhetoric and the Dynamics of Perception

Julia Strauss (SOAS), Framing and Claiming: Globalization and “Going Out” in China’s Official Rhetoric towards Latin America

Cheng Yinghong (Delaware State U), The “Socialist Other”: Chinese Perception of Castro’s Cuba

Ariel Armony (University of Miami): Views from Afar: How Latin America Sees China

Simon Shen (Hong Kong Institute of Education), A 20th Century Strawman for a 21st Century Power: Popular Chinese Perceptions of Latin America at Variance with Official Polices and the Implications for Sino-Latin American Relations


“From the Great Wall to the New World: China and Latin America in the 21st Century” is sponsored by The China Quarterly and hosted by the UCLA Asia Institute, with generous support from the UCLA International Institute, the UCLA Latin American Institute, and the University of Alberta China Institute.


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