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The African Studies Center is an integral part of UCLA's International Institute. The Center was established in 1959 under the leadership of James Smoot Coleman to further stimulate the growing national interest in the region and to develop outreach and academic research programs on Africa. Increased national demand for new language and area skills soon led to its designation as a National Resource Center for African Studies. The Center is an Organized Research Unit that is a broadly based academic support and research program dedicated to the following activities:

  • educating undergraduate and graduate students as well as the community at large in the areas of African languages, culture, and society, preparing students for careers in the public and private sectors and for academic positions with an Africa focus;
  • conducting first-rate scholarly research on Africa and disseminating that research to a wide audience, both nationally and internationally;
  • engaging in Africa through activities such as scholar and student exchanges, partner based capacity building, resources and expertise sharing initiatives, and other similar undertakings.
  • promoting dialogue among students, scholars, policy makers, and the general public through lectures, symposia, and film screenings.

African Studies Center