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Persia beyond the Oxus Conference Volume Published

Bulletin of the Asia Institute, Volume 21

Selected papers from the UCLA Program on Central Asia, Persia Beyond the Oxus: The Circulation of Iranian Languages and Cultural Practices in Central Asia (2010) have been published in the Bulletin of the Asia Institute, vol. 21. The volume was guest-edited by Rahim Shayegan, Musa Sabi Term Chair of Iranian (2004-2009) in the UCLA Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and organizer of the conference.

Selected papers include:

Prosopographical Notes: The Iranian Nobility during and after the Macedonian Conquest
M. Rahim Shayegan

Cataphractus and kamāndār: Some Thoughts on the Dynamic Evolution of Heavy Cavalry and Mounted Archers in Iran and Central Asia
D. T. Potts

Where are the Sogdian Magi?
Frantz Grenet; with Samra Azarnoush

Gāndhārī in the Worlds of India, Iran, and Central Asia
Richard Salomon

Some Bactrian Terms for Realia
Nicholas Sims-Williams

For full contents and to purchase the volume, please contact the Bulletin of the Asia Institute.

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