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Scholarship promotes international education, global leadershipSuzan and Terry Kramer (Photo by Rebecca Kendall)

Scholarship promotes international education, global leadership

Terry and Suzan Kramer return to UCLA to meet the newest crop of award recipients

By Rebecca Kendall
Director of Communications

“It feels good to give back because you realize in life that more than half of great outcomes are the result of good fortune."

Up until recently, Katherine Chua, Danny Hoang, Arif Faheem, Erika Hirugami, Hayley Nuetzel and Victor Gomez-Mustafa had never met; however, they already had a few things in common. They’re all high-performing UCLA students, they all have an interest in international education and they all believe that travelling, working and studying abroad will help them as they move forward in their studies and in their professional lives.

And, thanks to Terry and Suzan Kramer, they have one more thing in common: they’re all recipients of the 2012 Terry and Suzan Kramer Global Leadership Scholars award, established in 2011 to give deserving UCLA students financial support in their pursuit to become leaders in international business or non-profit work and better understand our globalized world. 

“We want to help prepare students for leadership roles and encourage them to think about how they can use their skills to advance the communities around them — whether those be civic communities, corporate communities or academic ones,” said Terry Kramer.

The Kramers visited UCLA on May 4 to have lunch with the newest crop of honorees, who are individually heading off to Japan, Mexico, Australia, Germany and England, among other nations, and to hear from some of the 2011 award-winners.

“Congratulations to each of you, and I hope you have a really impactful experience,” said Suzan Kramer, who was born in Japan, grew up in Turkey and worked in Cairo, Venezuela and Paris, among other locales. “Living and working and travelling abroad was — and is — a huge part of my life. I know it has added another dimension to my life and to the way I look at the world and people, how I solve problems and I know that the same will happen for you. I wish you all the very best.”

Terry Kramer, who graduated from UCLA with a degree in economics in 1982, credits his time in Westwood as critical to the course of his successful 25-year career in telecommunications management, and said that he and Suzan are pleased to be helping other UCLA students reach their goals.

“It feels good to give back because you realize in life that more than half of great outcomes are the result of good fortune,” said Terry Kramer, who didn’t travel outside of the United States until after he’d earned an MBA from Harvard Business School.  “I give back so that I can hopefully bring a little good fortune to someone else.”

Graduating global studies students Natalie Hatour and Laura Moeini were among the first UCLA students to benefit from this award. Each shared their views on the value of gaining an international perspective at this stage in their academic careers, and how their time abroad influenced the scope of their fourth-year thesis papers.  “I want to thank you both again for helping me to study in China,” said Hatour, who travelled last year. “It was a completely eye-opening experience.” Hatour and Moeini, who visited France, also advised the 2012 recipients to make the most of their time away and be open to whatever comes their way.

“Not having an international experience is becoming more and more a liability as people move forward in their careers,” said Terry Kramer. “The time where U.S. practices, technology and ideas could just be exported into the rest of the world is really fading, and there’s a lot more back and forth throughout the world, so international experience is becoming extremely critical.”

The application deadline for students attending programs beginning in winter or spring 2013 is November 2.

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