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Rebellion and Repression on the Arabian Peninsula

Tariq Ali, editor, New Left Review

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Spectacular mass movements have emerged in Bahrain and Yemen to challenge the political order on the Arabian Peninsula. What background conditions—political, economic, religious and ideological—lay behind these protests?  How have they evolved, and what has limited their success?  To what extent have ethnic/tribal and confessional divisions shaped these struggles, and the responses to them by the ruling elites?  The Saudi regime has moved time and again to defend the status quo in the Gulf.  How should we understand that regime’s socio-political character and its interests, domestically and internationally?   What part has been played by the United States?   What has been the place of oil?  These are some of the fundamental issues that our presenters will address in assessing the development and likely future of these centrally important revolutions. 

Tariq Ali is an editor of the New Left Review.   His books include The Clash of Fundamentalisms : Crusades, Jihads and Modernity (2002), Bush in Babylon : the Recolonization of Iraq (2003), The Obama Syndrome: Surrender at Home, War Abroad (2010), and Kashmir : the Case for Freedom (2011).


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