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Internationalizing Curricula with Language

Languages Across the Curriculum Enhance the European Studies Program at UCLA

By Vera Wheeler

In response to faculty and student demand for more diversity in language training and opportunities to exercise their language muscles, more and more, professors at UCLA are teaching courses in the social sciences that incorporate original language source materials. In 2000-2001 the Center for European and Russian Studies initiated two courses that included a special discussion sections using materials in Dutch and Russian respectively.

*History 121 D, Professor Margaret, "History of the Low Countries: Dutch Society in the 17th Century" *History 131C: Professor J. Arch Getty, "Revolutionary Russia and USSR"

For the first time, in 2001-2002, the courses including a language component have special 1 credit laboratories giving students interested in improving their language skills additional credit. The three courses this year offered in history and political science with work in Italian, Russian, and German are:

* History 132BL Professor Geoffrey Symcox, "Italian Literature in Historical Context: 1559-1848

* History 131CL: Professor J. Arch Getty, "Revolutionary Russia and USSR"

* Political Science 88DL, Professor Ron Rogowski "Basic Themes in Comparative Politics: Germany as Illustration"

In addition, the Humanities will develop a special course, numbered 173L, (2 credit course) to augment area studies courses with a language component. Students interesting in improving their language skills and taking area studies courses using original language materials should look for the L designation in the course catalogue, or contact their departments or contact CERS for more information on future courses.

(Vera Wheeler,, tel. 310/825-4060).

Center for European and Eurasian Studies