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Introduction to Computers

A curriculum module from Summer Institute for Educators participant, John F. Cooke

Topic : Information Technology (IT)

Subject: Introduction to Computers 

Duration of Lesson: 5 Days

Grade Level: 7th Grade

Rationale: take the geographic and political information I have learned about Africa and teach ClarisWorks with the aforementioned information and the seventh grade social studies curriculum standards as a guide.

Lesson Objectives:

1. Students will create a new spreadsheet, enter data, set font size, style and alignment, set column width and save the document.

2. Students will create a new database, make, edit and sort entries, move through records, create layouts, and save the document.

3. Use ClarisWorks graphics to enhance the database.

4. After completing a spreadsheet and database students will also be able to locate various African nations and identify climate zones.

5. Using ClarisWorks maps, students will produce a graphic identifying ecological zones and regions of Africa.

Download File: FullModuleJohn-lg-xe4.pdf

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