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An Introduction to Islam

A Group Project Abroad (GPA) by Shondale J. Pagano

Subjects: Geography, Culture, Global History, Language Arts, Social Studies

Duration of Lessons:4-5 45-minute periods

Grades: 9-12

Overview of Lesson Plan: In this lesson, students learn about Islam in general, and in particular,
Islam in Morocco. By reading and analyzing articles specific to Moroccan Islam, students will
gain insight on how Islam is practiced in Morocco. Students begin the lesson by discussing
stereotypes, then will read a short article on Islam. Next, students view a short documentary on
Islam and one on Muslim Americans. Students complete the unit by creating a poster designed
to introduce the general American public to Islam.

Lesson Objectives:

  1. Consider and analyze some common misconceptions people from other places have about their respective cultures.
  2. Consider and analyze some common misconceptions Americans have about Islam and the Muslim world.
  3. Generate a KWL chart, and fill in as unit progresses.
  4. Investigate, and dismantle misconceptions about the Muslim world.
  5. Create posters about various aspects of Islam, based on information they have gathered in their
    readings and class discussions.


Download File: Fulbright Unit on Islam.pdf

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