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I live in Montebello

Indonesian and English Transcripts

Saya tinggal di Montebello dengan ibu, bapak dan adik saya.

I live in Montebello with my mom, dad and younger sibling.


saya = I, my
tinggal = to live, to stay
di = in, on, at
dengan = with
ibu = mother
bapak = father
adik = younger sibling (male/female)


  • The word adik does not indicate the gender of the younger sibling. A word laki-laki 'male-person' or perempuan 'female-person' needs to be added to specify the gender. Therefore, adik laki-laki means younger brother and adik perempuan means younger sister. Kakak laki-laki means older brother and kakak perempuan means older sister.


Center for Southeast Asian Studies