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Summer Teacher Training Workshops 2004

July 31 - August 12, 2004, 9 am - 4 pm. Study international topics in depth and develop standards-based lessons for your classes.

By Jonathan Friedlander


Workshop explores the past, present, and future of families in Asia, including their vital role in social organizations, economic production, and the transmission of values and norms. In addition to presentations by Asia specialists, we will use literature, film, philosophical tracts, surveys, observations, legal records and more to cover change over time and to appreciate the variety of family forms and practices in Asia. Learn more.


Workshop examines the various cycles of global connectivity in Latin America beginning with the very earliest migrations of peoples through the latest globalization upheavals. The movements of peoples, goods, ideas and cultures in and out of Latin America through the various prisms of cultural, economic and political development will be considered, with special emphasis on current issues related to free trade, border cultures, and the struggles for democracy and human rights in the region. Throughout the workshop we will engage speakers, create discussions, review readings and web resources, and integrate films and field trips to gain an understanding of Latin America in the world.


Workshop focuses on the diverse African, European, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian diaspora communities worldwide, from ancient to contemporary times. We will identify important diaspora communities from each region and the historic conditions that produced them, then explore how members have conceived of their places of origin and maintained real or imagined connections to their ancestral homelands. We will pay special attention to contrasting meanings as well as different ways that communities have expressed and kept alive ties to their homelands, such as celebrations, clothing styles, artistic and literary production, and travel.

Earn four District multicultural salary points or four University Extension quarter units upon completion of coursework. Fee of $125 includes registration, parking, refreshments, field trips and instructional materials.

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