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Jon Pevehouse: International Institutions, Democracy, and Human Rights

Jon Pevehouse: International Institutions, Democracy, and Human Rights

Jon Pevehouse, Associate Professor, University of the Chicago Harris School of Public Policy

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Duration: 42:28

In this podcast, Jon Pevehouse, Associate Professor at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, lectures on "International Institutions, Democracy, and Human Rights" and presents his recent paper titled, "Human Rights Institutions, Membership, and Compliance."

Jon Pevehouse has written widely on international organizations and international political economy issues in the field of international relations. His most recent work focuses on American foreign policy and how domestic political institutions constrain the president's ability to exercise military force abroad. He also is involved in an ongoing project on the political implications of regional trade integration.

Pevehouse's previous work has examined reciprocity within regional political conflicts, democratization and regional organizations, the political-military implications of international organizations, and economic interdependence. He is the author of Democracy from Above? Regional Organizations and Democratization (Cambridge University Press, 2005) and (with William Howell) While Dangers Gather: Congressional Checks on Presidential War Powers (Princeton University Press, 2007). He is also the author (with Joshua Goldstein) of International Relations (Longman Press), the leading undergraduate text on international relations.

Click here to download a copy of his paper: HumanRights,Institutions,MembershipandCompliance.pdf

Click here to download a copy of his powerpoint slides: pevehouse_power_point_slides.pdf

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