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UCLA's David Schaberg Wins Prize for Best Book on Pre-20th Century China

Association for Asian Studies 2003 Levenson Prize Awarded to David Schaberg's A Patterned Past: Form and Thought in Early Chinese Historiography.

Russell N. Campbell, September 5, 1927-March 30, 2003

Russell Campbell, Professor of Applied Linguistics since 1964, was director of the UCLA International Institue's Language Resource Center and Pacific Rim Center. A world authority on immersive language training.

UCLA at the Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting -- New York, March 27-30

Thousands of people interested in Asia will gather in New York City, many to hear presentations made by UCLA scholars, students, and alumni.

Afghan Ambassador Reports on Reconstruction

Ishaq Shahryar cites return of women to schools, massive new construction, and new Afghan army as signs of stabilization. Thanks America for its support.

Two Panels Debate U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Options

Chancellor Carnesale, other experts, examine the history and future of Korean Peninsula.

Panel Debates Whether Saddam Has the Weapons

Congressman Howard Berman says inspectors have told him Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Columnist Robert Sheer is skeptical.

Business Leaders and Experts on Eurasia Discuss Trade Relations

On March 6th more than sixty business leaders, trade representatives, visiting Russian entrepreneurs, faculty and students attended this half day conference at the UCLA Faculty Center on developing trade relations between Europe, Eurasia and the United States, sponsored by the Center for European & Eurasian Studies.

On March 6th, Experts Gather to Discuss European, Eurasian, US Trade Relations

On March 6th, the Center for European & Eurasian Studies will host a conference on European, Eurasian, United States Trade Relations. Co-sponsored by the World Trade Center Association Los Angeles-Long Beach, the half day conference brings together scholars, policy analysts, and business representatives for a discussion of prospects and avenues for pursuing trade in this part of the world.

Bush's War Plans Part of Dangerous Bid for Empire, TransAfrica Forum Head Warns

Bill Fletcher Jr. tells UCLA meeting that U.S. goals of regime change may be directed at countries in Africa.

Iraq War, North Korean Nukes: Expert Panels Debate Issues, Friday, March 7

Two back-to-back expert panels wil be held at UCLA this Friday, March 7. Congressman Howard Berman and Chancellor Carnesale to speak. Both events are free and open to the public.

Working Groups 2003-2004

The Center for Comparative and Global Research (CCGR), housed under the auspices of UCLA’s International Institute, seeks proposals from members of the UCLA Academic Senate to convene one- or two-year Working Groups, to begin fall 2003.

Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles Reports Edward Said Meeting

Under the heading "Lecture Stirs Anger, UCLA talk by ardent advocate of Arab cause draws heated reactions" the online Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles presents its take on Edward Said's talk in Royce Hall.

Al-Ahram Weekly Reports Edward Said's UCLA Lecture

Prominent Cairo online weekly offers extensive account of February 20 Burkle Forum.

U.S. Needs Partnership with Africa to Stop Spread of AIDS, Former Zambian President Kaunda Tells UCLA Meeting

Kenneth Kaunda, founding president of Zambia from 1964 to 1991, made an impassioned call for international solidarity against the "scourge of HIV/AIDS" February 27.

Historic Gathering of Southeast Asian Language Teachers at UCLA

The largest group of U.S.-based teachers of Southeast Asian languages met at UCLA January 30-February 1, 2003, to improve their teaching skills and to develop new materials.

1,800 Fill Royce Hall for Edward Said Talk on Palestinian Rights

Columbia University scholar and Palestinian activist Edward Said says Israeli occupation is brutal. Charges widespread violations of Palestinian human rights.

Distinguished Chinese Political Activists Discuss Constitutionalism & Political Reform

Noted "neo-Liberals" ponder the choices facing China

Special Opportunity to View Rare and Classic Chinese Martial Arts Films

Bright, new archival prints and new subtitles afford viewers the chance to enjoy some of the most influential films.

New Leftist Government in Brazil Faces Multiple Challenges

The inauguration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as president of Brazil on New Year’s Day, 2003, signaled an unprecedented personal journey from abject poverty to the presidency of Brazil. In a seminar on the implications, prospects, and possibilities of the new Lula presidency, a panel of experts discussed Brazilian politics, social movements, and the inner workings of the Workers' Party.

Bush Administration Demands Higher Standard for North Korea than for Itself

Mark Caprio tells UCLA audience that both parties failed to live up to the 1994 agreement between North Korea and the United States.

Top Japanese Journalist Weighs His Country's Uncertain Future

Yoichi Funabashi, chief diplomatic correspondent of the prestigious Asahi Shimbun, points to resistance to reform among his country's leaders, need to reassess Japanese identity.

Former Premier Says Reelection of Democratic Progressive Party will Consolidate Democracy in Taiwan

Chun-hsiung Chang, Secretary-General of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, meets UCLA Chancellor Carnesale during campus visit.

New Distance Learning Initiative for Foreign Languages at UCLA

New Distance Learning Technology links students at UC campuses who want to learn less commonly taught languages.

Hungarian Ambassador Discusses Transatlantic Relations and Iraq

The Honorable András Simonyi, Hungarian Ambassador to the United States, addressed UCLA faculty and students at a luncheon meeting at the UCLA Faculty Center hosted by the Center for European and Eurasian Studies on February 7, 2003.

What the Israeli Elections Mean

Center-right coalition likely in aftermath of elections, peace settlement with the Palestinians not so impossible as many think.

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