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Year's Lesson

Khadijah Haseeba is completing her BA in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. She spent 2002-2003 studying at the American University in Cairo via the UC Education Abroad Program.

Report from Iraq

Between Fears and Hopes: Reflections on a Recent Trip to Iraq

Trade Blocs, Neoliberalism, and the Quality of Life in Latin America

UCLA conference explores Mercosur, NAFTA, and the Free Trade Area of the Americas.

Centenary of Ralph Bunche Celebrated by Conference at UCLA

Frank discussions examine the Nobel Prize winning diplomat's contributions to African Studies, his controversial role in the Congo crisis of 1960, and his legacy of trusteeship for emergent and failed states.

Post-9/11 Tensions Pose Challenges

"UCLA Today" carries article by International Institute Vice Provost Geoffrey Garrett on international studies in the era of the war on terrorism.

Spirit Possession Religions and Popular Rituals Flourish in Vietnam

Mother Goddess religion as well as local gods and shamans have strong following despite official disapproval.

Government's Role in Development: The Case of Brazil under the Workers Party

Sociologist Peter B. Evans modifies his "embedded autonomy" theory to take account of the pressures of international finance on Third World states and alternatives to an industrialization strategy.

"Dysfunctional" State to "Blackmail" State: Paradoxes of the Post-Soviet Transition in Ukraine

A talk by Mykola Riabchuk.

Forgiveness in East Timor, But Where Is the Justice?

Five years after the Indonesian massacres in East Timor, reconciliation meetings in many villages have tried to restore the broken bonds between the two sides, but the Indonesian generals who ordered the killings have never been brought to trial.

Is Europe Unable to Assimilate Its Growing Islamic Minority?

Peter O'Brien suggests that liberalism leads to xenophobia when it finds it cannot reshape people to its model of life.

The Dark Side of Globalization: Trafficking & Transborder Crime to, through, and from Eastern Europe

A forum on trafficking of humans and human organs.

China Historian Bin Wong to Direct Asia Institute

R. Bin Wong will join the UCLA faculty on July 1, 2004 as Professor of History and founding Director of the Asia Institute.

ASEAN and Terrorism in Southeast Asia

Some Islamic extremists envision a new pan-Islamic state in Southeast Asia, Chinese scholar tells UCLA audience.

Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi Calls for Freeing Political Prisoners in Iran, Removal of U.S. Troops from Iraq

Large turnout from Iranian community in Los Angeles greets feminist human rights activist.

Straight Talk from General Anthony Zinni

General Anthony Zinni, former commander of Middle East Central Command, says the Iraq war was "a big mistake" and there was no plan for the reconstruction.

Remembering Rwanda: Ten Years after the Massacres

Award-winning photojournalist Corinne Dufka recalls her time in the midst of the 1994 genocide. She blames the Rwandan state, not tribal violence, for the killings, and castigates the U.S. and the world community for standing by while hundreds of thousands died.

The Near Extinction of Cambodian Classical Dance

Cambodian classical dancer and teacher Sophiline Cheam Shapiro speaks about the dance's political and cultural roles, how it was almost destroyed by Pol Pot, its politicization under the Vietnamese communists, and its revival today.

UCLA Conference Looks at Expansion of European Union

European and American experts, the German ambassador, and former vice chancellor of Austria weigh implications of the May 1 accession of 10 new states.

One Year of the Lula Administration

The far left and far right in Brazil are disappointed that Lula government did not usher in a crisis.

Genji in Graphic Detail: Manga Versions of the Tale of Genji

Lynne Miyake (Pomona College) dissects comic-book adaptations of the classical novel Genji monogatari

Preparing Europe in the Twenty-first Century: United by Terrorism, Divided by History

Michael Naumann, publisher of Die Zeit, discusses European reactions to the war on terrorism.

Globalization's Missing Middle

UCLA Magazine features an article on the effects of globalization on countries at different development levels by International Institute Vice Provost Geoffrey Garrett.

Lawrence Lessig Sees Public Domain Sinking in a Sea of Overregulation

Stanford law professor says digital age should usher in creative use of digital materials, not prosecution of 12 year olds for downloading music.

Zheng He's Voyages of Discovery

Noted oceanic scientist Jin Wu discusses the 15th century expeditions of the Chinese mariner Zheng He & the celebration of the 600th anniversary of his first voyage

Prominent Egyptian Human Rights Activist Looks on the Bright Side of the Middle East

Former political prisoner Saad Eddin Ibrahim presents 7 reasons for optimism for the region.

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