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Center Co-sponsors Exhibit in Berlin on Earthquake Reconstruction in Japan

This exhibition takes a critical look at the reconstruction and recovery efforts by presenting the work of ArchiAid, a reconstruction support network of Japanese architects formed in response to the large-scale official recovery strategy.

Literature makes you bang your head against the wall a little bit less

Known for work that is both heart wrenching and funny, Israeli writer Etgar Keret says he uses humor like a defense mechanism. An evening hosted by the Y&S Nazarian Center on October 1st featured readings of his short stories and an absorbing interview of the author.

Burkle Center Fellow Kantathi Suphamongkhon quoted in The Wall Street Journal on U.S. debt and the government shutdown

Sociologist deems high-poverty schools "toxic"

Bowen Paulle argues that the violence and chaos of inner-city schools creates overwhelming stress for both students and teachers. Without addressing this stress, reforms to improve education in these schools are unlikely to be effective.

Burkle Center fellow Tony Camerino interviewed on ABC World News

How media — and work — impacts peoples’ perceptions of themselves and their countries

Increasingly, says UCLA Associate Professor Purnima Mankekar, the circular media flow between Asia and the rest of the world is a two-way street that affects both consumers and producers.

Civil conflict and the memories it leaves behind

African-Scottish writer Aminatta Forna is known for works that chronicle societies’ descent into violence and the consequences that individuals must live with in the aftermath. She will read from her new novel “The Hired Man” at UCLA on October 15th.

University Heritage Language Programs on the Rise

This article discusses the rise in the number of heritage language programs offered in American universities.

A Vietnamese teacher with a mission

UCLA Vietnamese instructor Quyen Di Chuc Bui is a teacher with a mission: to ensure the transmission of the Vietnamese language to the next generation of Vietnamese Americans. That makes him a very busy man.

Central Asian peoples and the great land empires of Eurasia

A new seminar series will look "in" to Central Asia to consider the circulation of peoples, religions, languages, texts and textual traditions that connected peoples across the Eurasian land mass.

Rebirth of Japanese studies at UCLA

After being weakened by attrition and recession, Japanese studies at UCLA has been renewed through appointments of prominent junior faculty and a new focus on culture and the humanities.

Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala comments on Syria

The Other September 11th: Chile, 1973: Memory, Resistance, and Democratization

Two day conference (Nov. 8-9) will examine the history and legacy of Chile’s military dictatorship and struggles for democracy, past and present.

"Future of humanitarian intervention looks bleak indeed" op-ed by Senior Fellow Kantathi Suphamongkhon in the Bangkok Post

Senior Fellow Kantathi Suphamongkhon discusses the implications of the call for intervention in Syria based on the use of chemical weapons on the future of humanitarian interventions.

Renaming the Tripitaka Koreana?

Director of the Center for Buddhist Studies Robert Buswell calls for renaming the Korean Buddhist canon to distinguish it from the Indian Tripitaka, given that its contents range far beyond that of the Indian canon.

Building a strong community for Southeast Asian studies at UCLA

UCLA historian George Dutton aims to create a more cohesive community of faculty and students who study Southeast Asia.

The Real Goal of Obama's Syria Policy

The following is a link to an article in "History News Network" by Professor James L. Gelvin (History).

Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala quoted in Congressional Quarterly article on Syria

In the article "Decision to Ask Congress to Authorize Syria Attack Rejuvenates Legislative Role in War," Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala offers opinion on Obama's possible political motivations in asking for Congressional approval on an attack in Syria.


Burkle Center Fellow General Wesley Clark's article on Syria vs. Kosovo

In his article in USA today, Burkle Center Fellow General Wesley Clark says the Kosovo battle was larger, with a different strategic situation than a possible intervention in Syria today, but still teaches to expect the unexpected.

Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala is quoted in article on Syria

Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala is quoted in's article "War Powers debate arises again around possible action in Syria."

Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala quoted in Foreign Policy article on Britain's stance on Syria

Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala lends his expertise on Britain's legal justification of strikes in Syria in the Foreign Policy article "Even Britain's Closest Friends Think Its Rationale for War Is Illegal."

Burkle Center Fellow Wesley Clark interviewed on NPR about precedents and Syria

Burkle Center Fellow General Wesley Clark tells All Things Considered that the situation the United States is facing in Syria is best compared to the U.S. bombing of Iraq in 1993 rather than the intervention in Kosovo.

Large collection of Buddhist relics in Rosemead

A recent Los Angeles Times article describes a collection of Buddhist relics housed at the Lu Mountain Temple in Rosemead, CA.

Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala interviewed in largest Brazilian daily on recent Foreign Affairs article about China and intellectual property

Para especialistas em propriedade intelectual, liberdade para imitar muitas vezes resulta em inovação e permite que os pobres desfrutem de símbolos do consumo.

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