Workshop: Teaching Russian from the Intermediate/1 to Advanced/2 Levels of Proficiency

Hosted by the UCLA Russian Flagship Center; Sponsored by The Language Flagship Program

Dates: July 31 - August 4, 2017


Progressing from Intermediate/1 to Advanced/2 proficiency may be the most challenging stage of language acquisition and of teaching Russian. This workshop will focus on techniques and strategies to address this challenge.

The workshop will be conducted in a highly interactive participatory manner and will encourage active discussion by all participants. Each day will feature a morning presentation by a faculty expert followed by an afternoon working group session focusing on specific skills. The workshop will also include presentations by instructors from the Russian Flagship Programs.

Workshop faculty presenters include:
  • Dr. Ray Clifford, Brigham Young University, will compare the principles of proficiency assessment of reading skills with the principles of instructional practice and highlight the contrasts.
  • Dr. Charlene Polio, Michigan State University, will discuss research methods used in studying L2 writing as well as the interface between the fields of L2 writing and second language acquisition to the advanced/2 level.
  • Dr. Cindy Martin, University of Maryland, College Park, will focus on modes of communication in speaking and listening and discuss discourse features appropriate to the Intermediate/1 and Advanced/2 levels.

We will accept a limited number of participants. The workshop is free of charge, but participants will need to cover their own travel and hotel.

Interested participants should send an e-mail and a CV to Kathryn Paul