Honors and Awards


Design and conduct your own independent research under the guidance of a faculty advisor. (Directed Study for Honors: IDS 198A, 198B, & 198C) culminating in a 40-60 page honors thesis (not including title page, bibliography, appendices, etc.)

Departmental Honors or Departmental Highest Honors designation on the transcript and diploma will be awarded upon successful completion of the program.


The honors program consists of a three-quarter, directed-study series of courses

IDS 198A is to be devoted to discussion and planning of the honors thesis, as well as a literature review, and will carry four units of credit and is to be taken for a letter grade. This should culminate in a 10-15 page literature review. IDS 198A may count as an elective for the major (Part 4), either as a regional or thematic elective as decided by the Chair of IDS.

IDS 198B is used for further literature review, as well as research investigation and data collection, culminating in a 12-15 page outline of the thesis, including a brief introduction, major arguments, and discussion of the evidence or data. This course will be graded as “In Progress” only.

IDS 198C, which culminates in a submitted thesis, is to be taken for a letter grade and carries eight (8.0) units of credit for both the 198B & 198C courses combined.  Note that students receive credit and grading for the second (IDS 198B) and third (IDS 198C) quarters only when the thesis is completed and submitted.  IDS 198B and 198C constitute work over and above the regular requirements for the International Development Studies major, and thus do not count towards any requirements for the IDS major.  The units will go towards overall units for the degree, however.


  • Be officially declared IDS major
  • Completion of IDS 110 and IDS M120, or 110 and 130, or M120 and 130 (students may petition to apply with only one core course completed)
  • GPA for all Upper Division coursework for the IDS major must be at least 3.50
  • Must have secured a faculty advisor
  • Submit the IDS Honors Application


Application is due no later than Friday of week 2. More detailed information below:

IDS Honors Application and Guidelines.



To give a sense of the kind of research past students have done, here is a list of thesis titles from recent IDS graduates who participated in the Honors program:

  • Government Capacity for Facilitating Economic Growth in Post-Liberation South Sudan: Challenges and Opportunities
  • A Historical Perspective of Women’s Property Rights in Singapore
  • Marginalizing Civil Society: Implications for Chilean Democracy
  • Chinese Presence in Africa: Trade, Investment, Diplomatic and Cultural Ties
  • The Role of Music in the Development of Brazil and Chile during the 1960’s through the 1980’s

Complete list of IDS Honors Theses


IDS Library Resource Guide 


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IDS seniors are eligible for the IDS Academic and IDS Activist Award. Click HERE to learn more