International Institute Writing Mentorship Program

Please note: Mentors are available in the Winter and Spring Quarter Only

Thesis Writing Mentors provide assistance to International Institute undergraduate students who are currently working with a faculty mentor on their senior thesis papers. Writing mentors may guide students through the writing process by assisting them to clearly articulate their ideas, structure arguments, or use proper writing mechanics and language, and editing techniques.


The International Institute follows similar rules to the UCLA Writing Resource Center:

  • Only registered UCLA International Institute undergraduate students who are writing their senior theses for one of the International Institute majors can use our services.
  • Schedule your appointments in advance.
  • APPOINTMENT POLICY: You may receive up to 2 scheduled appointments per week, but not on the same day.
  • Appointments sessions last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the student's need.
  • CANCELLATION: If you need to cancel your appointment, you MUST cancel your appointment 12 hours in advance. You can modify or cancel it by clicking on the link provided on your confirmation e-mail.
  • CANCELLATION ON THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT: If you need to cancel on the day of your appointment, please e-mail the writing mentor
  • BEING LATE: If you are more than TEN minutes late for your appointment, you will lose your session.
  • LOSING MENTOR PRIVILEGES: If you miss or are late for TWO scheduled appointments without cancelling 12 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT, you will not be allowed to schedule an appointment again during the quarter in which you violate the policy.
  • Funding is very limited for this program so if you need additional writing assistance or mentors are not available, feel free to use other UCLA writing services.

To schedule an appointment, click here



Erica Anjum

As an undergrad at UCLA, Erica studied Philosophy and Political Science with concentrations in Ethics and  International Relations. Currently, she is pursuing an M.A. in African studies, specializing in International Development and Urban Planning. In addition to her current role as a Writing Mentor for the International Institute’s IDPs, Erica is also an editor for UCLA’s foreign affairs journal, The Generation.

Sean Messara

Sean was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He earned a B.A. in history from UCLA in 2013 and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Latin American studies. His research examines the political and intellectual history of the Spanish empire in the early modern period, focusing on its theory of empire, the transformation of Amerindians into royal subjects, and the influence of the New World on European political thought.