Korea-related Courses for Spring 2014

Course List compiled by CKS.

Spring 2014

Course Title


Catalog Number

Day and Time         

Contrastive Analysis of Japanese and Korean KAWANISHI, Y.  CM127 LEC 1 TR 2:00- 3:15P
DIS 1A F 11:00-11:50A
DIS 1B F 12:00- 12:50P





Elementary Modern Korean 

LEC 1 TR 12:30- 1:45P
DIS 1A MW 9:00- 9:50A
DIS 1B MW 10:00-10:50A
DIS 1C MW 1:00- 1:50P
DIS 1D MW 2:00- 2:50P

Elementary Korn-Korn Heritage Speakers

CHOI, J. B. 


LEC 1 TR 9:30- 10:45A
DIS 1A MW 12:00- 12:50P
DIS 1B MW 1:00- 1:50P
DIS 1C MW 2:00- 2:50P
Intermediate Modern Korean  MITSUNAGA, J.E.  6 LEC 1 TR 11:00-12:15P
DIS 1A MW 11:00- 11:50P
DIS 1B MW 12:00- 12:50P
Korean Pop Culture LEE, S.  5 LEC 1 W 10:00- 12:00P  
Advanced Modern Korean CHOI, J. B 100C LEC 1 TR 11:00- 12:15P
            MW 11:00- 11:50A 
Advanced Readings in Modern Korean JEON, S.   101C LEC 1 MW 9:00- 10:20A  
Readings in Sino-Korean Characters YOON, J.E.  103C LEC 1 TR 12:30-1:45P  
Advanced Korean Writing JEON, S.   104C LEC 1 MW 9:30-10:45A  
Korean Academic Texts YOON, J.E.  C105C LEC 1 MW 11:00-12:15P  
Cultural History of Korea: Through 1259 JUNG-KIM, J.J. 180A LEC 1 MW 11:00-12:20A 
DIS 1A F 12:00- 12:50P
DIS 1B F 1:00- 1:50P     
Women - Modern Korea JUNG-KIM, J.J.  184B LEC 1 MW 9:00-10:20A
DIS 1A F 10:00- 10:50P
DIS 1B F 11:00- 11:50P
Honors Contracts JUNG-KIM, J.J. 189HC VAR  
Contemporary Korean Society & Culture LEE, N. 191B LEC 1 M 2:00-4:50  
Korean Culture DUNCAN, J.
203 LEC 1 TBA
LEC 2 M 2:00- 4:50P
Korean Academic Texts YOON, J.E. 205C LEC 1 TR 11:00- 12:15P  
Thought and Society in Korea STAFF 210 DIS 1 T 3:00-5:50P  
Modern Korean Literature STAFF 235A SEM 1 R 2:00- 4:50P  
Korean Christianity OAK, S.  272 SEM 1 TR 2:00- 4:50P  
Traditional Korean Culture DUNCAN, J. 295B SEM 1 TBA  
Seminar: Topics in Modern Korean Cultural History LEE, N. 296B SEM 1 TBA  

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Published: Monday, April 07, 2014