Teaching Grammar to L2 Hindi Heritage Language Learners

This podcast discusses the role of grammar instruction for heritage second/foreign language learners (HLLs). It reviews empirical studies that explore types of grammatical instruction helpful for the development of HLLs' linguistic and communicative competence. The podcast also discusses different approaches to grammar instruction, such as: deductive versus inductive; implicit versus explicit.

Description: This podcast is mainly divided into three parts. First part aims to reflect on the role of grammar instruction for the development of linguistic and communicative competence of Heritage second/foreign language learners (HLLs). It emphasizes on the importance of grammar to help HLLs higher level of proficiency. Second part discusses empirical research to investigate what type of grammar instruction and feedback will be more helpful. Third part reflects on teaching grammar within macro-approach (task/project-based, and communicative approach) of language teaching. Additionally,
several ways of grammar instruction such as deductively and inductively, and implicitly versus explicitly is discussed with examples.


Singh, B.  (2021, November 14). Teaching Grammar to L2 Hindi Heritage Language Learners. [Video Webinar]. Retrieved from https://international.ucla.edu/nhlrc/article/250299.

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Published: Tuesday, December 7, 2021