Donald J. Cosentino

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Professor Emeritus

Department: World Arts & Cultures/Dance
Kaufman 130D
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1608
Campus Mail Code: 160803
Phone: 310-206-1498

Keywords: Africa, Dance, Art, Religion, Humanities, Language, Literature, African Diaspora, Black Atlantic, Cuba

Donald John Cosentino, Ph.D., is Professor of Culture and Performance (Folklore, Literature, Visual and Material Arts, Popular Culture, African and Afro-Caribbean Studies). Joined WAC in 1988. Cosentino has done extensive fieldwork on African and diasporic cultures in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Haiti. He is the author of "Defiant Maids and Stubborn Farmers: Tradition and Invention in Mende Story Performance" (Cambridge, 1982) and "Vodou Things: The Art of Pierrot Barra and Marie Cassaise" (University of Mississippi Press, 1998). He is the editor and chief writer of the award winning catalogue for "The Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou" (1995), a traveling exhibition he curated for the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History. Cosentino has been co-editor of African Arts magazine, published by the UCLA African Studies Center, since 1988. Ph.D., African Languages and Literatures, University of Wisconsin, Madison.