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Climate Change: Globalization of Environmental Impacts and Solutions

A presentation by SASSAN SAATCHI, Institute of the Environment, UCLA, at the conference on Security Issues and Impacts: Comparative Perspectives on Europe and Eurasia, UCLA, June 1, 2007

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Sassan Saatchi is Senior Scientist at JPL/CALTECH and a senior researcher at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and the Center for Tropical Research. With a Ph.D. in electrophysics, he has been involved in several national and international research projects to develop and improve satellite observation for a variety of environmental applications. He has been a principal investigator in several interdisciplinary international projects to study the role of human activity and climate on environmental problems is various regions. His present research interests include the global carbon cycle, in particular the forest biomass/carbon dynamics, land use and land cover change, forest structure and regeneration monitoring in the tropics, the role of forests in the global carbon cycle, and the ecological modeling of species range distribution and biodiversity using satellite observation.  He is currently directing several research projects studying tropical forests and climate in the Amazon and Congo Basins, and is leading studies at UCLA to understand the role of urban landscapes and carbon emissions on regional climate in Southern California.

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