Our goals are the following:

  • Improve your knowledge of your home language and learn to value your bilingual heritage
  • Use classroom immersion in the heritage language to build comprehensive language skills.
  • Build connections between students and family members through the oral histories project, in which students conduct interviews with family and community members.
  • Foster an appreciation for various genres of texts, including fiction, poetry, current events, and contemporary and traditional film and arts.
  • Cultivate a love and appreciation for world cultures as well as the many diaspora cultures in Los Angeles.
  • Encourage a lifelong connection to the ideas, history and cultures of Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Hindi, Italian, Persian, and Russian- speaking people.
  • Foster an appreciation for world cultural traditions, holidays, dance, food, music and art.
  • Nurture friendships by building strong classroom bonds.
  • Encourage parent and community involvement through community events and social gatherings, including a program-wide film festival and exhibition.
  • Align curriculum with California and ACTFL standards and guidelines, to incorporate best teaching practices, such as differentiated instruction.
  • Use technology for language learning to stimulate active and exciting learning.
  • Use authentic materials to simulate real-life language experience.

Published: Wednesday, February 09, 2011