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Japan-U.S. Community, Non-Profit Fellowship

Japan-U.S. Community Education & Exchange (JUCEE)

Program Summary

Japan-U.S. Community Education & Exchange (JUCEE), a bilateral, bicultural nonprofit organization bridging the nonprofit sectors of the U.S. and Japan, is offering a nonprofit fellowship opportunity through the Nichibei Pathfinding Opportunity Program (NPOP). NPOP provides fellowship opportunities for motivated nonprofit professionals from the U.S. to work with community-based nonprofit organizations in Japan. Fellows and Japanese host organizations collaborate with and educate each other on issues of common concern that are being addressed at a local level. Program dates are September 30 - November 4, 2002, with orientation and debriefing events taking place in Tokyo, and fellowships taking place with host organizations in 3-4 regions of Japan. Possible issue areas include inter-sector collaboration, community development, education, environment, civil rights, immigration, public health, women's issues, mental and physical disabilities, fair trade, and others.

Our Mission: "Japan-U.S. Community Education & Exchange (JUCEE) is an agent for change. We promote civil society by strengthening and linking the nonprofit sectors in Japan and the U.S. We do this through bilateral nonprofit internships, fellowships, organizational exchanges, and professional training."


Invitations are open to any individual, but preference will be given to those with at least two years' experience in the nonprofit sector and/or the vision and potential to promote change in their communities.


April 5, 2002


The Fellowship participation fee is $500, with the majority of the program costs subsidized by external funding sources (such as round-trip air tickets, transportation to and from the airports in the U.S. and Japan, accommodations in the U.S. and Japan, local transportation stipends, program event transportation and meals, and international health insurance).

Application and for more information
For more information, visit and download the application, or contact Yuka Ishikawa, NPOP Program Coordinator, at 510-267-1920 ext. 43 or

Japan-US Community Education & Exchange (JUCEE), Oakland Office
1440 Broadway, Suite 501
Oakland, CA 94612
Tel: 510-267-1920, extension 43
Fax: 510-267-1922

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