Traveling abroad? UCLA has some guidelines for you
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Traveling abroad? UCLA has some guidelines for you

UCLA has created travel guidelines in the form of a passport for students traveling abroad. Registering a trip online lets your receive travel advisories about your local destination.


May 16, 2017


To: Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, and Administrative Officers

Re: Guidelines for UCLA Students Traveling Abroad

As the summer nears, we anticipate an increase in travel by UC students, faculty, and staff. A new resource, “Guidelines for UCLA Students Traveling Abroad,” has been developed and updated to assist with travel planning for students. Hard copies of this passport-looking document may be obtained from the office of Insurance & Risk Management. Please disseminate this useful information broadly.

Global travel tips concerning security, health, culture, transportation, legal, financial and language are readily available by using your UCLA Single Sign-On at this link.

As a reminder, once University travel has been booked, it is important for travelers to complete their online profile with emergency contact information. Completing the travel profile is easy and is a crucial step in improving response time in the event of an emergency. Once an online profile via trip registration is created, you will receive a “welcome email” by iJET/Worldcue, which will then automatically alert travelers to local circumstances that warrant their attention.

As a reminder, the travel insurance benefits, which may be helpful to protect your health and security, are available at no cost to UC students in UC sponsored and supervised off-campus activities and programs abroad. Coverage also extends to spouses, domestic partners and dependents when traveling with University students.

For additional information or questions regarding UC Travel Programs, please contact the office of Insurance & Risk Management, Tara Brown at (310) 794-9423 or

We encourage you to “Know Before You Go” and take the necessary steps to support your safety while traveling.

Robin Garrell
Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean, Graduate Division

C. Cindy Fan
Vice Provost, International Studies & Global Engagement

Patricia Turner
Dean and Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education

cc: Dean Malilay, Director, UCLA Insurance & Risk Management


Download travel passport instructions

Download trip registration instructions