Location: UCLA campus

Date:TBA, winter and spring quarters, 2018

The Center for World Languages offers a Russian proficiency test for high school students. The test is accepted by most Southern California high schools. The exam will be taken on the UCLA campus twice: once during the winter quarter and once during spring quarters; the dates have not been set. 

The fee for taking the exam is $65, which can be paid for here: http://ucla.in/2qsaEVX  

For a map of the campus and information about bus schedules and parking, please see http://www.ucla.edu/maps-directions-parking.

For more information about the exam, please read the FAQs below.


Who is the exam for?
It was created for Los Angeles-area high school students who speak Russian at home and can read and write in Russian.

Where did the exam come from?
The test was written and is periodically revised by the coordinator of the UCLA Russian Language Progam in the Department of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures.

What kinds of questions are asked?
The test assesses reading and writing only and includes exercises on grammar, vocabulary, essays, a translation from English to Russian, and a summary in English of a Russian text. For an idea of what the exam is like, see this page, which shows part of an older exam: http://www.russian.ucla.edu/russian/Sampletest.html

How long does the exam take to complete?
Students have a maximum of 90 minutes to finish the exam.

Can students who pass the exam earn high school credit?
The exam does not bear credit on its own and the decision to award credit is made by a student’s high school. We send a proficiency certificate to the student’s high school. On that certificate we equate a grade from A to B to three years of high school study and from B- through C- to two years of high school study. The exam does not on its own carry credit outside of a school’s decision to award it.

How many times may students take the exam?
Students are allowed to take the exam only once.

What is the fee to take the exam?
We charge a fee of $65 per exam, which can be paid on line here.

How can a student arrange to take the exam?
The next exam is scheduled for Friday, October 20, from 2:30 - 4:00 in Room 10383, Bunche Hall. For a map of the campus, bus schedules, and parking information, see the url above.  

If you have any other questions, please contact Susan Bauckus at sbauckus@international.ucla.edu.