Transitions: Russians, Ethiopians and Bedouins in Israel

Transitions: Russians, Ethiopians and Bedouins in Israel's Negev Desert

"Transitions: Russians, Ethiopians and Bedouins in Israel's Negev Desert" captures a unique moment in Israeli history: the year that tens of thousands of newly-arrived Russians and Ethiopians streamed into the desert and struggled to settle on the periphery of Israel's urban culture. There they encountered another group in transition: indigenous Bedouins moving from nomadic encampments to towns created for them in the desert.


  • Introduction, by Richard Isralowitz and Jonathan Friedlander
  • The Negev: A Region on the Periphery of Israeli Social and Economic Development, by Yehuda Gradus and Richard Isralowitz
  • Ruminating over Fifty Years of Negev Settlement, by Haim Chertok
  • The Impact of Mass Immigration on Urban Settlements in the Negev, by David Newman, Yehuda Gradus and Esther Levinson
  • The Nahal Beka Experience: Ethiopian and Soviet Immigrant Jews in a Caravan Absorption Center, by Richard Isralowitz
  • Competition, Discrimination and Conflict: Perspectives on Russian Immigrants in the Negev, by Richard Isralowitz and Ismael Abu Saad
  • Bureaucratic Patronage of Ethiopian Immigrants, by Esther Hertzog
  • Changing Health Behavior among Populations in Transition, by Julie Cwikel
  • Dances with Camels: Al-Okhbi and Rahat
  • Education, Transition and the Future of the Negev Bedouin Arabs, by Ismael Abu Saad

Richard Isralowitz and Jonathan Friedlander, editors
Ashgate Publishing, 1999
Color and black-and-white photographs by Ron Kelley
ISBN:  1840145129