Of Mimicry and Muslim Women: National Identity as Performance in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia

A talk by Lamia Ben Youssef Zayzafoon, University of Alabama Birmingham. Part of the conference: Mapping and Remapping the Tunisian Revolution.

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Duration: 37:27

The Tunisian revolution had taken the world by surprise. Never before in the history of the modern Arab world had a grassroots uprising toppled an entrenched dictator of Ben Ali’s caliber and longevity without recourse to any established ideology or political party nor to foreign intervention, which has until now been bandied about as the only midwife to real democracy in the Arab world. The aim of this conference is not only to map and remap the Tunisian revolution, but also to reflect on its worldwide resonances and implications and foster interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the twenty-first century revolution. A heterogeneous number of scholars--including historians, anthropologists, sociologists, literary and cultural critics--will shed light on the long-term and short-term precipitators of the Tunisian revolution, its global effects, challenges and prospects for success both in the near and far future.

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