Françoise Lionnet


Department: Comparative Literature, French and Francophone Studies, Department of Gender Studies
African Studies Center / Department of French & Francophone Studies
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Keywords: Middle East, Africa, Near East, Politics, Gender, Francophone Literature, UCLA, African popular cultures, African literatures, Humanities, Literature, Post-Colonial African Literature, Indian Ocean diaspora, African Diaspora, Francophone Africa, African Cinema, Women's Studies, Cultural Studies, Black Atlantic, Anglophone Africa, Mascarene Islands, Migrations

Françoise Lionnet is Director of the UCLA African Studies Center and Professor in the UCLA Departments of French and Francophone Studies and Comparative Literature. She co-directs the Mellon postdoctoral program “Cultures in Transnational Perspective.” She is past-president of the American Comparative Literature Association (2011-12). Lionnet served as Chair of the Department of French and Francophone Studies, Interim Associate Dean of the UCLA International Institute, and Director of the Global Studies Postdoctoral Program. Her books include Autobiographical Voices: Race, Gender, Self-Portraiture (1989); Postcolonial Representations: Women, Literature, Identity (1995); Writing Women and Critical Dialogues: Subjectivity, Gender, and Irony (2012); The Known and the Uncertain: Creole Cosmopolitics of the Indian Ocean (2012); and the co-edited volumes Minor Transnationalism (2005) and The Creolization of Theory (2011). Her comparative study of the Caribbean and the Mascarene Islands, The Indies, Otherwise: Creolization and Transcolonial Comparison, is in progress.